Monday, May 27, 2013

Why I like Wedding Announcements

I should probably start this post with this:

This arrived the other day in the mail from my sister, Kaitlin (10 yrs younger than me), and I was so excited and happy to receive it! I had never been asked to be a bridesmaid like this (and I have been a bridesmaid a gazillion times) before.

Kate is the 3rd girl of 6 in my family to get married. All 3 are younger than me. All of them have wicked awesome husbands/fiance. I am so excited and looking forward to my little sister's wedding—just like I did for both my other sister's weddings.

Every time one of my younger sister's get engaged it's like it opens pandora's box for me. People come out of the woodworks to ask me if I'm okay, if I need their support, if I have a boyfriend or someone to take to the wedding, etc.

It's as if my sister's joy has to be my demise. They are NOT one in the same. I am not broken b/c I am single. I am actually doing really well in my life.  I am super happy that my sister found the love of her life. In fact, the longer I am single, the more happy I get when people in my life miraculously find someone they want to spend the rest of their life with—it is such a mystery.

Most likely, and mark my words, I will be receiving my 4th & younger sister's wedding announcement before I can find a solid boyfriend—and I will be over the moon excited for her and her man!

I'm writing this post b/c so many of my single female friends HATE wedding announcements, baby announcements, save the dates, etc. It's as if someone else's joy means more misery for them. In fact, I have heard some of them say awful things, about other people's happiest moments, just to make themselves feel better.

People. There is enough love and joy to go around. If someone else is happy be happy for them. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop being jealous of their happiness. 

I can't imagine how dismal my life would be if I felt anything but joy every time I got a wedding or baby announcement. Instead, I have books, a drawer, and a cork board filled with announcements of joy and love!


daniel said...

i love you and I love this.

DoubleDeej said...

Kylee, you're stronger and more understanding than many "older" singles. My next youngest sister, who is still single at 37, has really had a hard time with her two younger sisters getting married before her. So it is understandable why people would be concerned with your single status as well. Not everybody can take it as well as you do.

Yancy said...

Been awhile since I've stopped by your blog. And it's been awhile since we've talked. Glad to see that you seem to be doing well.

Just wanted to drop in after reading this to say that I love the message of this post. Thank you for putting these thoughts to words and publishing.

You rock girl!