Thursday, March 30, 2006

Lean toward the Son

The other day in our staff meeting one of my co-workers was sitting on the window sill while the rest of us were at the "round table". Another one of my co-workers asked her why she was sitting there. Her reply has had me thinking for a few days now, "Today I feel kind of like a flower and I need to lean toward the sun," she said smiling.

How oft do we find ourselves in this same situation. Drained, stressed, lonely, tired, beaten, name it, kinda like a wilting flower. Yet I wonder how often our answer is to lean toward the Son. And how true to this analogy are we really. I am terrible with plants and they have to be wilting or dying before I notice and give them sunlight. Do we treat our souls the same way? Do we wait for SONlight only when we are wilting or dying?

Flowers are smart, they lean toward the sun. They are attracted to light. In fact most bugs, vegetation, and trees etc lean toward the sun. Why then do we, as humans, tend to avoid the Son at all costs? We seem less and less attracted by the Son and more and more attracted to Darkness. Interesting.

I am not perfect, but I do have one small bit of advice to shed on this subject:"Lead, kindly light."

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