Thursday, March 16, 2006

On my mind...

A favorite artist of mine, Kalai, has this to say about relationships

"I've been known to take my time
I've been told that I"m alright
I don't know if you're my kind
All I know is that you're on my mind"

This is so true to life. Not just in romantic relationships, but in life. We all want to be needed-to be loved. Lately there's been a few people that are constantly on my mind. Just thinking about them lifts me, empowers me, and bring a great big smile to my face.

My sister Chelsea is one of those people. She truly inspires me! I hope to be more like her when I "grow up". The way she treats her wonderuf husband is so beautiful. They fill their home with love, the gospel , and mostly light. To be with them is so inspiring.

Another person on my mind a lot lately is my Grandpa, Leland "Gus" Grant Shields. Although he died a few years ago he very much is alive inside me. My grandpa left me full of his words of wisdom and his desire to do good in the eyes of God. A great man who aimed to please God first, then his family, and then so many others.

Not a day goes by that I don't think of my family, emails, phones calls, and letters just aren't enough. I always just want to be with them. The hard part of life is that it just goes on and on come what may. I don't know how I as so blessed with the greatest parents ever! I love my sisters and brother (any my angel) so very much. "I stand all amazed at the love...."

There are a few others, and hopefully you already know who you are, but you get my point. I believe that part of my happiness and successes in life are built upon the love of those who fill my mind and encourage me to be my best. And so I thank you.


Kyles said...

KMT and MFS you are also always on my mind!

Tang Tang said...

KMT? Who is KM...oh, me. Thanks! I heart Kyles.