Thursday, March 30, 2006

Wants vs. Needs

"Oh, the differences that often are between everything we want
and what we really need"
(Nicole Nordeman, "Woven & Spun").
What a great line from an inspiring song! It's funny this thing inside of us that sometimes is called our desires...We have a hard time differentiating between wants and needs. Sometimes we aren't so off base.

You desperately desire the approval of someone else but find they really aren't the person you put on that pedestal, and realize all you really needed was to be noticed. You connect with someone new and want to tell them everything, and you do, and it's too much, and you realize all you really needed was to be loved. You want a better job so you can make more money so you can go out to fancy restraunts with your wealthy friends, but realize you don't like the food at those places anyway-all you really needed was the ability to buy yourself healthy food. You go out and get new clothes, style your hair different, put on more makeup than usual, pinch your cheeks (for that healthy glow they're always talking about), put on a pair of heels, and you realize your feet hurt, you feel like a clown, and your hair (that you spent forever on) looks like it always does- when all you really needed was for someone to tell you you're beautiful. You find yourself wanting to tell everyone all the amazing things you've accomplished and really no one cares and you realize all you need is someone to listen to you.

And the list goes on. I guess living in poverty (that's what they call it in AmeriCorps) has me seeing this a little more poignant these days. I find that I'm faced with the question "What do I really need?" more than I used to. I'd like to say that it helps me to realize how blessed I am- and it does, but I'm still learning and growing like the rest.

How do you keep a balance between your wants and your needs?


Anonymous said...

I grew up Mormon and hated it.

Tang Tang said...

That's too bad, anonymous...I hope you've found something else to make you happy. I personally enjoyed it very much. In fact, still doing it...growing up Mormon, that is. As far as keeping balance here? Your thought, as always, are interesting, Kaikai. I'm still trying to find that balance...I think it might involve getting to bed earlier. :) Hearts.

Anonymous said...


Tang Tang said...

Why do I find that so cute?