Friday, February 27, 2009

Family Friday: Dad

I got the idea of Family Friday from my amazingly talented friend Mindy Gledhill! Seeing as I have an amazing family Fridays will be a great place where I can brag about each one of them to my heart's content!  It seems logical for me to start with the oldest and end with the youngest. So here I go:

Eric Paul Shields

Since this is my blog I guess it's okay to say I have the best father a girl could ever ask for! Since it would take me forever to describe the brilliance that is my dad I will just highlight on some things I love about him:
  • My dad loves the Lord first. 
  • My dad is brilliant and has a PhD.
  • He is an amazing writer. He writes poetry, letters, talks, the best Valentines, and an article about my little brother Grant originally titled, "Fathers and Sons and Prayers".
  • Although my dad is always busy he makes time for his kids.
  • My dad, at times, had 3 or more jobs to make ends meet.
  • My dad loves his family (3 sisters and 5 brothers) and has passed down some great family traditions.
  • My dad served a mission to Japan. Because of his example I served a mission. Also we had many Japanese foreign exchange students in our home growing up.
  • My dad runs marathons (of all the craziness) every 5 years. He ran the Boston Marathon in 2007 and I was there to watch him. He ran for the Liver Foundation and for organ donation.
  • I get my love for Cougar Football from my dad. Our blood is True Blue!
  • I couldn't get enough of my dad when he taught me in seminary for 3 years in hs so I took a BOM class from him at BYU and loved it!
  • My dad has one amazing work ethic.
  • My dad taught me to love motorcycle, to shoot a gun, to change my own oil, to fix a tire, to throw a football, to dance, and so much more.
  •  He has always let me be myself.
  • If I have ever need financial support, emotional support, or just a laugh--my dad is willing and able.
  • He is a wonderful husband, a great father, and a valiant man!
I have so many memories of my dad that I could share but some of my favorite memories with him were when we both attended BYU. Him doing his PhD and me doing my undergrad. It was nice to have a place to hang out (his office) while on campus. I also loved eating lunch with him and just talking about life. It was great to have a parent understand the hell that is finals weeks (since we both had finals) and that grades aren't the only thing in life that matters. It was really hard for me to come back to BYU (after the mission) and not have him on campus.

I love my dad so much at times it hurts! In my darkest moments and times of greatest trials in my life I could never be angry with God because He loaned me out to my dad to take care of me here on earth!  I couldn't be prouder or more humble by my father.  Although life in the Eric Shields family hasn't been easy at times I wouldn't trade it for the world. So Dad just know that you've given me the greatest gift-love!

My dad will always be my daddy!


Marcus Lane said...

ya, Eric IS the Man!

Dani said...

family friday is a good idea! that's a sweet post! we have a really good dad!

Dani said...

family friday is a really good idea. thanks for writing this. it's really sweet:) we are lucky to have such a good papa!