Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy Birthday Blog!

I'm a few days behind on this post. My actual blog birthday is January 31st! But as the sayin' goes better late than never. This past year has truly been amazing and full of change. I have links to some of my experiences below but just to sum up some of the fun had in 2008: There was the migraine scare, the American Idol audition, starting Grad School, moving 3 times, trips to both Italy & Africa, getting a new car, laptop, & ipod, my 10 year high school reunion, and much much more!

Here's a look at the year 2008 in review:
My quote from last year's review said this,
I look forward to some stability this next year, buying a car, spending Christmas in Ghana, falling in love, making more dreams come true, and diligently building the Kingdom!
Stability, check. new car, check. Christmas in Ghana, check. Falling in love, well I did date an amazing guy--checkish. Making dreams come true, double check. Building the Kingdom, check. I think did okay with accomplishing what I set out to do!

To say that I had an amazing year would just be an understatement. It was a year full of changes, making dreams come true, learning, growing, and taking chances. It was a year of new discoveries, of going back to school, and making things happen! It was a year of transition, saying tough goodbyes, and some hilarious hellos. Many friends got married, had babies, went back to school, and forged ahead in their lives. In essence 2008 was great!

As for 2009....

I would like to get out of debt (un school related), fall in love (never hurts to try), find a great summer job, travel some more, get a great intern next Fall for school, do well in my MSW program, be a better visiting teacher, live with purpose, make it happen, and place more emphasis on the thing that matter most!


Dani said...

i like your new background! it seems like your 2008 was WAY better than mine...

Ryan and Kim said...

You are awesome! Congrats on accomplishing your goals. 2009 is going to be a good year.