Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Well in your case...2 pages

Having a BIG family can be funny at times!

Today in class my teacher was giving us an assignment to creat a genogram of our family and then an ecomap surrounding it. Without going into detail what either of those are it's basically a family tree with my support systems, besides my family, around that family tree (ie, church, school, work, etc.).

As she was explaining the details she said that she wanted it to all fit on one paper and put up an example on the overhead. Then, as if it was just common knowlege, she looked at me and said, "Well in your case you may have to use 2 pages and just stick them together." Then she preceded with the rest of the class.


Pierce and Stacy said...

That's really funny! How did she know?

smiliesar said...

Crazy! I'm glad you have such a large support system. Ü

Dani said...

that's so funny!

Ryan and Kim said...

Blah ha!! So funny! I hope that made you feel good that you have more people that love you than anyone else in the class!