Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Window Lesson

As I was driving home from Utah today I remembered a lesson I had learned years ago about windows in a car.  I grew up in Oregon and I don't know who it was that told me the window tip (most likely dad or driver's Ed teacher) but I'm taking this opportunity to thank you.  Anyway while driving along the Oregon Coast  it gets a little tricky with semis and wind and speed.  If you aren't careful you can get caught between 2 semis and lose control of your car (think hydroplaning without the water).  

TIP: When driving and a very strong wind is hitting you car or you are stuck between 2 huge semi's just slightly roll down 2 windows in your car that are opposite each other (so the back 2 or the front 2).

This tip came in handy almost every time I drove along the coast. So back to my experience today. I was just driving along and it started to snow in Flagstaff really fast and really hard. At one point my car was literally blown from one car lane into the other car lane.....and then I remember the window tip. I rolled down (just a bit) the back 2 windows and didn't have trouble the rest of the way home.

This experience got me thinking (well what else do you do on a 10 hour drive by yourself) about me and my pride (maybe you can relate).  It was such a simple thought but really applicable to my life. I was thinking about how many times I have put up doors, walls, barriers to my heart and spirit and my pride has kept me boxed up--sealed tight.  As the world started to beat on me and winds started to pick up I was such an easy target to hit and move.  How simple and easy it is to just let down my guard a bit--roll down the window ever so slightly--and let in some light, love, guidance, etc.  It's truly amazing how that one little gesture can help gain so much balance and safety.

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