Wednesday, April 01, 2009


When I see a blank canvas I cringe.  When I'm presented with the opportunity to cook a meal for multiple people (besides my "go to" Lemon Salmon) I panic. If I'm invited to a friend's house or an Enrichment activity to make/create/cut/paste/paint/color/draw anything without a pattern or explicit directions to follow I find I have about as much talent as a 2 year old. I get this squirmy guilty feeling in the pit of my stomach when I think of sewing, quilting, croqueting, needle point and such. Truth be told I sometime jest that I'm not married because the domestic side of me is broken!

But then I see a video like this...

...And it stirs something in my soul.

My friend Natalie described it beautifully here

After I wade through all the things I don't do I am grateful for the ways I do create! I love to sing all the day long and if you are lucky on certain days at special times you might get to hear me sing what is in my heart. I also love to play the piano (thanks mom!) playing others compositions and creating my own.

Recently I've been getting back into writing and I love it! I have a friend that shares his short stories with me and I send him essays or poems I've written. It has been wonderful and its led me to dust off some of my old journals and really dig back into that creative side of my life!

However you "create" I encourage you to make that a part of your life!


Silly Little White Girls said...

I love that video ... and you create amazing things, as I recall.

I'm sad I missed you in AZ--I haven't seen you in such a long time! I was thinking later that we should have just come and picked you up ... who knows why that idea didn't come into my brain a little earlier! Sorry. I hope all is going well!

Monica and Dave said...

We still listen to your piano cd! We love it! What a positive great post! Great work Kylee!