Friday, March 04, 2011

He Knows the Desires Of My Heart

I have been thinking a lot lately about sign language. Up until I moved to Arizona I have been blessed to be able to use my ASL wherever I have been. I know that is because the Lord has brought people into my life or placed me in circumstances where I can you that language I love. So He knows that I have a desire currently to find a connection to the Deaf community.

The other night while I was at a Relief Society Meeting a woman in the ward called me over to talk with her. She told me that she had 4 deaf people at her house over the weekend and many times she thought of inviting me over to practice my ASL but then she got busy and forgot.

When I first heard this my heart was sad. I wished she had heeded the prompting to invite me over. Then, quietly and calmly, I felt a sense of love fill my soul as I walked away from her. I felt the spirit testify that God loves me and He knows the desires of my heart. Even though she didn't call me over to her house she let me know she thought of me and my ability to sign. That was enough.

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