Tuesday, March 08, 2011


I got rejected from both of the jobs I have been in the process of applying for for months. The first rejection (job #1—the job I wanted the most) came in the form of an email. The second (job #2) came in the form of a rejection form letter in the mail. While I am sad I didn't get offered either of these jobs something else about the rejection process has been weighing on my mind.

At the end of my second interview with job #2 the interviewer told me that they would let me know on Friday (exactly a week from that day) either way about the job. I thanked them and fully expected to hear from them in a week.

At the end of my interview with job #1 they told me they didn't know exactly when they would let me know but that it would be soon and they would tell me either way.

By the time Monday (10 days later) I hadn't heard back from either job. I wasn't so concerned with job #1 since they hadn't given me a specific time but I was bothered that I hadn't heard from job #2. In this day and age there a so many ways to contact someone and tell them you are running behind, you need to finish some interviews, etc.

Then comes today. At the end of my work day I check my email to find job #1 rejection email. I was disappointed after the interview process that I received an email instead of a phone call but I guess that is the way things goes.

Already dealing with bad news I decided to call job #2 to follow up. I called, they told me the decision hadn't been made, and for the next few hours I had some hope. I got home, got the mail, and received my next form letter rejection—wait, what? Didn't they just tell me a few hours ago that they hadn't made a decision? They lied to me!

And so we come full circle. What happened to the days of personally talking to people. What happen to the days of your word being your bond. What happened to integrity in the office. I'm disappointed in people who say one thing but don't follow through. I hope I do a better job in my professional and personal life!


Cheryl and William said...

:-( I'm so sorry Kylee- the right job is out there for you. I'm sorry that it's not here yet

dani said...

i agree with you completely! hope you find something better soon:)