Sunday, March 06, 2011

Only Temporary

I got a tattoo—of course it is henna and only temporary. I had wanted to get a henna tattoo for a while. I picked out a simple design, paid my money, and waited for my turn for the medieval gypsy to work her magic. When I sat down and show her the picture I chose I could tell she was disappointed and she asked, "can I make it a bit more swirly?" to which I responded okay.

Turns out this tattoo is nothing like the simple picture I had chosen. She set out with a picture framework and then she went to work using her creativity and imagination and the tattoo I ended up with was nothing like the one I imagined. (good thing it is just temporary).

This tattoo experience is indicative of my life. Many times I have set out with a ideal frame work that I think is simple and fits me and the Lord has other plans (good thing it is only temporary!)

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ali said...

that is way cool! i want to do it! love you:)