Thursday, March 31, 2011


In a matter of a few weeks I have been rejected from three jobs all of which I made it to the last round of interviews. One rejection came in the form of a mailed letter. Another came in the form of an email. The lastest one (today), and my favorite kind, came face to face.

The first two rejections said they decided to hire someone with more experience. bummer. Today I went in for a second round interview. The weirdest thing happened. The interviewer (CEO of the Non Profit) told me something like this: We have good and bad news. The bad news is we hired a clinician about 1 hour ago. She previously worked here, was trying to spread her wings, but decided to come back. We were planning on hiring you as of 2 hours ago. You can imagine I was wondering what the good new would be....Come to find out they had another position (non clinical) that they were offering me to consider. Wow! That was not expected.

Regardless of how things turn out I have been thinking a lot today about the effects of rejection. Does rejection make you stronger? Does it bring out the best in you--the will to work harder and prove others wrong? Does it crumple you? Does it make you nit-pick at yourself?

How do you deal with rejection??


abenning said...

Interesting (and timely) post, Kylee. For me, I found that rejection stung, and caused me a bit of self-doubt for a while. That was the most difficult part of rejection for me: thinking I was worthless, stupid, and naive.
However, rejection also allowed me to open my eyes to other possibilities, so it wasn't all bad. After getting my 8th PhD rejection, I set a course to make myself a stronger candidate for the next round of apps, and can now move forward.

salt lake city slickers said...

yes it makes you stronger if you choose so.

moving on with a positive attitude is the best option!