Friday, June 30, 2006

Baby Carrots, Mary Poppins, and the Jelly Bean Drawer

Just a little bit of the randomness of me...

I was talking to my co-worker (we share a beautiful office) Karlee Kelly the other day and she stopped mid-sentence, looked up at me, and asked me this question. "why do you think they put baby carrots in salad?" I began to laugh out loud. I have no idea why people do that. It's not like you can comfortably stab the carrot with your fork and it's just not kosher to go picking through your salad. So what are they thinking?

Karlee has this drawer that has when I say everything I pretty much mean it. Every day she is taking something new out of it or putting something random into it. It seems to spontaneously spit out gum 24 hrs. a day. So one day I just started laughing. She looked over at me (all serious because she was in fact actually working...we do that some times). I couldn't help it I had the perfect name for her drawer of tricks...The Mary Poppins Drawer! You know the bag Mary Poppins has in the movie... the one that eveything (the lamp, rug etc.) comes out of. Yeah, that was Karlee's drawer.

It started in around Easter. I'm not a huge candy/sweets fan but I am a sucker for jelly beans. I just love the little things. It doesnt' matter what brand, if they are speckled or not, or even what colors they are...I just love jelly beans. You can find them year round, but Easter is the gold mine for jelly beans. So I decided to stock up. Soon my co-workers took noticed and would end up taking "jelly bean breaks", then our volunteers caught wind of the jelly bean drawer and it even spread to the neighboring nonprofit that works next store to my office. I was amazed at how those little candies could bring together people. Still to this day I will open my drawer and randomly someone will leave jelly beans. It makes me smile (and happy to eat them).

...Stay tuned for plenty more random's where these came from...

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