Wednesday, June 14, 2006

In the meantime...

I know there's a saying out there that goes something like this...Life is what is happening while you are busy making plans.

A good friend of mine was talking to me and he said, "Kylee, just pray for me in the meantime!" That phrase has been swimming in my mind ever since.

The meantime....what is that? I've heard similar phrases like, "Joy in the Journey", "Stop and smell the roses,""Live the questions,"and many more. I guess it's that time between making things happen in your life, between accomplishing dreams, goals, and asperations. And while I seem to be a little biased about how fantastic my "meantime" is-not everyone is so blessed.

Today in my office we had a rally for Foster Kids. They came in and put together some speeches and got a chance to hear what other kids had to say about issues they face. I got to thinking about some of thier "meantime". Ultimately they want to be placed in a home, to have some committed consistant adults in their lives (some kids will even be adopted) but in the meantime I can't even tell you the hell that some of these kids go through. One dramatic example is a 7 yr old that has been in 11 different homes already.

I don't know how you spend your "meantime" but I plan to make my meantime meaningful!

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jasmine said...

I think that too often we live our lives "in the meantime" when really we should jus tlive our dreams.