Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Heart Picture # 5: The Simple Singing Heart

I was sitting on a old trunk and she was sitting on a window seat ledge. It wasn't her guitar sot he relationship was new. She was beautiful although it was the end of a long day. She was content to play for her captive audience (after a little coercion and a few practice songs). He was wrestling with a girl in the other room-not paying too much attention-to the music.

Then out of the somewhat chaos surrounding me came a beautiful simple melody that seemed to melt the room. Such sweet honest music that I began to feel like the mysterious old trunk I was sitting on was floating out into the Sea."...Over the sea and far away she's waiting like an iceburg. Waiting to change but she's cold inside. She wants to be like water..."

She sang the words, "...I wish it were simple, but we give up easily. You're too close enough to see that you're on the other side of the world to me..."

He recognized a favorite song of his and the wrestling faded, the house was still but full of a singing heart and then two. The harmonies he sang seemed to echo the songs lyrics. He was on the other side of the room-another world, but when they sang together is was simple, it was magical.

I had never heard the song before and I imagined myself in the water and the fire of the lyrics I was hearing..."and the fire fades away. Most of everyday is full of tired excuses. But it's too hard to say. I wish it were simple, but we give up easily..."

Listening to them sing my heart seemed to echo those sweet words, "I wish is were simple...".

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