Monday, June 05, 2006

Heart Picture # 4: The Guitar Lesson

he cradled his new guitar like a child
his face held an anxious stare
hands crooked and awkwardly placed
teacher training them to be there

and playing her favorites one by one
teaching him what she could
he wanted to learn every chord she played
and I knew one day he would

It was quite the scene played on the floor
in my room but I didn't care
for moments like this are what we live for
I was just thankful to be there

and playing they seemed to get lost
time just didn't seem to matter
and even when I went to sleep
they kept up the harmonious clatter

and I learned a lesson though silent I sat
that a teacher can fuel desire
and watching the student learn from her heart
one more thing for me to admire

1 comment:

Tang Tang said...

Oh, Kai, that's beautiful. Your vision is intoxicating! Would that the world could see as you.