Monday, June 12, 2006

Bus #71 Watertown

So there I was a few weeks ago sitting on bus #71 Watertown, minding my own buisness when I see this beautiful caterpiller walking up this ladies pants leg. I motioned to her and she flicked it to the ground. I was in no mood to see the caterpillar guts all over the floor so I picked it (don't know the gender) up and it took a ride with me to Harvard Square where I put it in some weeds for safe keeping.

Last week I was riding bus #71 Watertown and my roommate was telling me how the other day when she was on the bus there was man who had a boa constricter taking it to his office for the whole 6.6.6 day and all. What's even better is that the man sitting on the other side of her had a paraket on his knee. Who are these people?

Today as I was riding on bus #71 Watertown the unheard of happened. I must tell you first that there a few things in this life that I absolutely hate, not jut really dislike, but hate ( including the devil, toothpaste, and sunflowers). This really big lady gets on the bus and in her bag is two huge, gigantic Sunflowers. Eww just writing and thinking about them gives me the heebie-geebies (the antithesis of quibblies). Now for those of you who don't this about me I HATE Sunflowers. Partly because I am very allergic to them, partly because I feel like they are taking over the world (you see them on everything nowadays) and partly becasue...well...I just hate them. I would have moved to the back of the bus but it was full. I tried to look anywhere but at them, but they were just so HUGE! The stupid things were like big eyes looking at me and laughing. I almost got off the bus and then realized I would have had to wait for another bus or walk to the Subway. (Yes, this is how much I abhore those sick, sick plants).

Having said all this I truly do love bus #71 Watertown. It is my means of transportation and much humor.


jasmine said...

this makes me miss riding the bus, life was so much more entertaining when I relied on public transportation.

Tang Tang said...

Yeah, sunflowers. They are scary but...WAIT....WAIT....are either of you allergic to the fuzz on peaches?

jasmine said...

Peach Fuzz makes my skin break out in a rash...that is why I love white fuzz.