Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cape Coast

I was really excited to come to Kakum National Park!

Kakum is where you walk on these 7 canopy walk ways. It was unreal! I loved it and it was unreal to be literally walking in the tree tops!

Cape Coast Slave Castle

The cell was awful!

The Door of No Return.  This is the door the slaves were ordered, on their knees, in cuffs, on to ships and sold into slavery--never to return.

This is the Door of Return.  Generations later some relatives of the slaves in the Cape Coast castle came through the door as a symbolic end to slavery.

This is a plaque that is in both the Elmina & the Cape Coast  Slave Castles.  When seeing and reading this plaque (after having harrowing tours) I couldn't help think of the Yad Vadshem, the Holocaust Museum that made me weep in Jerusalem. The slave castles were hard to walk through and hear the stories of the suffering.

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