Thursday, January 08, 2009


Today was amazing!

Wli (Agumatsa) Falls (pronounced 'vlee')
One of the main reasons I wanted to come the Volta reason was to see the Wli water falls. So when we woke up this morning I was very excited. We packed a lunch and set out on our way. The falls are located in Hohoe (ho.hey) a village about 1-2 hours away from Ho.

We took this beautiful hike up a foot path that never really got the steep and crossed the Lake Volta 9 times. It was leisurely and only took about 40 min. then the beautiful falls appeared! I loved every minute of it. I hadn't brought my swimsuit because the missionaries can't swim but while I was standing in the water just getting my feet wet the falls were calling to me.

So after tinkering a bit I decided, why not, so I just jumped into the water with my clothes on. It was wonderful. I got as close to the falls as I could but there was a lot of pressure and I couldn't see. The Sidwell's took some pictures but they were far away on dry land so I don't know if they will turn out or not. I had a great time splashing around in the water at the bottom of the waterfall!

We drove a little outside the Falls area and found an empty church (sort of a stick house with some upturned benches inside and decided to eat our lunch there. It was shaded, quiet, and very peaceful. Lunch was great after the hike in and out and then we headed to the Monkey Sanctuary.

The Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary
We arrived late in the day at the monkey Sanctuary around 4:00 pm. We paid our entrance fee and then this young boy started leading us down this path into the forest. He was making these very loud kissing/smacking sounds. I guess he was calling out to the Mona Monkeys in the area.

After only a few mintues of walking around we found the monkeys! the Sidwells had brought bananas for us to coax the monkeys out of the trees. Sure enough they would peel the bananas from your hand, eat it, and then dig in for some more. It was so much fun to have the monkeys so close and they would tease us and try to grab the entire banana from our hands.

This was a great experience and the Sidwell's took some great pictures that I hope to upload soon!

What a great day!

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