Thursday, January 29, 2009

Intentional Living

I spend most of  my weekly days with people, thinking about them, talking about them, reading about, and so forth. What do you expect from a social work grad student!  This has me thinking about a lot of things all the time. In fact sometimes my brain just hurts from all the thinking!

Sometimes I write lists of things I want to get out of my head and write down, whether in poetry, music, or on here. Sometimes they manage to get out of my head--most times they don't.

For the past few years I've sort of been living with the motto: Make it Happen! In some ways I have done this and in other ways I have failed miserably. In thinking back over time I was trying to pin point why I could make some things happen (even in almost insurmountable circumstances) and other things (I'm embarrassed to say that are so simple and easy) I didn't even attempt.

I still need to work some things out but I have come to one conclusion, for me, that for the most part when I live intentionally I find that I have greater success and accomplish not only my goals but some of my dreams along the way!

Now that I realize this I need to better understand what it means to live intentionally or what you think intentional living means? I'd love to hear some ideas??


Dani said...

sounds good to me:)

Silly Little White Girls said...

Kylee--I'm slow at commenting, but I loved your stories and pictures from Ghana. What an amazing experience! I met lots of Ghanaians on my mission and just loved them--so beautiful, sweet, faithful, and sincere. I would love to go visit their country some day!

You're darling. I hope all is going well! love Kelsie.

Kris Sidwell said...

I intend on living!:) In all aspects of life. I think what is being said here is purposely living, and purposeful living. It is interesting to ask why we tend to accomplish certain things in our life, while others seem left undone, as basic and fundamental as they may be. I have some thoughts steamng from the Lectures on Faith. p. 8
" there anything that you would have done, either physical or mental, if you had not previously believed? Are not all your exertions of every kind, dependent on your faith?"