Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pictures from Ho and Hohoe

Here I am at the Tafi Atome Monkey Santuary. It was really fun to see the monkeys and have them eat from my hands.

Here is the "chief" monkey.


Wvli (Vlee) Falls

I was just looking on the shore, then I rolled up my pants and put my toes in the water, then I just couldn't resist--I dove into the waterfall with all my clothes on. It was amazing!

Here is me emerging from the waterfall--I tried to walk behind the falls but there was too much pressure.

This is the Sidwells and the local kids on our little beautiful hike to the falls.


Marcus Lane said...

kylee- the whole trip seems awesome, i am still jealous!

Mike and Chels said...

This is amazing!! It looks amazing and I wish were there. Some day we'll make out to Africa. It looks like the trip of a life time. Now when you are back and settled you need to call me so we can chat-and so you can show me pictures! Talk to you soon.

Dani said...

that looks so so amazing!