Thursday, January 08, 2009


After relazing for one day I decided to head out to the Volta (East) region of Ghana to visit my friends Kris' parents. The Sidwell's are serving a mission for 18 mo in a village named Ho. I had brought over many Christmas cards and gifts from their children and needed to deliver the goods to them.

So I left Wiamoase around 7:00am and headed to Agona to catch a tro tro back to Kumasi. No problem. Once in Kumasi I got a taxi to take me to the Aseda House ForEx where I could exchange some money and it was just a few feet away from the STC station so I stopped in to see if they had a bus to Ho but they didn't. So I took another taxi to where the tro tro for Ho is located only when I got there the tro trp had already left. So I decided to go to Kpong (the K is silent) that is only 1 hour away from Ho and then catch a tro tro to Ho. Little did i know I would be waiting for 3 hours for the Kpong tro tro to fill. Then Once I got to Kpong I waited another 45-1 for that tro trp to fill until I finally arrived at the Sidwell's house in Ho around 7:30 pm. It was an awful traveling day full of heat, awful tro tro's, and little to eat.

Once I arrived though the Sidwell's feed me, they had running water, and air condionting so it was all good. I will be staying in Ho and visiting nearby areas for 4 or 5 days. This area of Ghana is very different from the Ashanti region where I have been living. They speak Eweh here instead of Twi so I'm back to square one (they also speak English). It will be nice to discover this region for a few days.

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