Thursday, January 29, 2009

This American Life

There are a lot of things that I like, things I'm passionate about, things that I love. If you spend enough time around me they usually seem to just explode out of me.  However there are a few things I really enjoy that I don't talk about a lot. Probably because they are just quiet things that I do "on the way" in my life. By "on the way" I mean while driving, sitting on the light rail, or while cruisin' the internet. One of these quiet loves of mine is the BBC Chicago Radio broadcast (I listen to it on a streaming podcast-yes a sure sign of nerdiness) called, "This American Life."

I can't take credit for originally finding this blessed show-a friend of mine in Boston introduced me to it-but after faithfully following it for over a year I am a huge fan! I love how the show is designed, I really like the stories--how they are raw and original-and how they teach me a lot about people!

I could explain more about it but it's just better if you go to the website and check it out or better yet just listen--you'll most likely get hooked!

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