Friday, September 30, 2011

Anasazi Skills Camp & Fire Council

  • The past 3 days I have been living in the wilderness with Anasazi. It was really awesome. I learned all kinds of new skills. I went out on the trail M-W. I figured I'd use the time to learn things about being on the trail I didn't know so I would be ready to TW in Nov.

    We had 3 stations the 3 different bands rotated on Tuesday and Wednesday. Monday we did all the setting up and making the spots look great and set up tarps for shade etc.

    Station 1: (T-Bird/Brittany)

    Tuesdays—T-Bird taught beading on a loom and we all made these awesome beaded bracelets.

    Wednesday—Brittany taught leather sewing and we mad these little purse bag things. I didn't actually get to do this b/c I was doing my therapy sessions.

    Station 2: (Thomas)
    Thomas did pottery both days and taught about the different stages of making, burnishing, painting, and baking the pottery. I'm excited to get my pottery back!

    Station 3: (Spencer)
    Tuesday— Spencer taught us how to make Antler handled knives.

    Wednesday—Spencer/ Hannah taught us how to make sheaths for our knives. I also did't get to do this b/c I was doing a therapy session. Spencer told me he would teach me how to do it later so I can sheath my antler handled frost.

    Fire Council:
    Wednesday night we had a fire council first for the girls & boys band and then next for the Sinagua band. It was really awesome. Ezekiel, his wife, Lehi, Rachel, and Moroni Sanchez were there.

    We had tiki torches leading them into the council, staff had their faces painted, and the spirit was really strong. One girl YW & one boy YW tried busting to start the fire (gift of light) but neither of them, after trying in the dark for a long time, could bust. So we borrowed a coal from another fire and then had them do the tender bundle part and eventually we had this huge bonfire.

    Then Ezekiel and Pauline both talked and told these great stories. Pauline signed in Navajo as Rachel sang a song. Then we closed the council with giving everyone a necklaced. Afterward the YWs and their TWs were given hot chocolate in their cups (it was really cold and they loved it).

    The second fire council was a bit different but same idea. It was pretty incredible to be a part of the skills camp and fire council. Even though I was freezing at night I really love being out on the trail and look forward to being a Trail Walker.
    I learned how to build a shelter from a tarp

    I learned to make lots of different food recipes in my cup

    I made an antler handled knife

    This is the necklace I received at the end of Fire Council

    I beaded this bracelet on a loom. the acronym stands for Listen More Talk Less

    This is the fish trap I made from willow

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