Saturday, September 03, 2011

Do You Have A Favorite Emotion?

Over the years I have collected strange favorites. For example I have a favorite English and Japanese word. In English my favorite word is Remember. In Japanese my favorite word is Kigatsuku. My favorite number is 8. My favorite color is purple. My favorite vehicle is a train. the list goes on but you see...most of you probably don't have a favorite vehicle, Japanese word, or even favorite English word.

Lately, I think I've discovered my favorite emotion—and if we are being technical it is actually a secondary emotion. My favorite emotion is anger. It's not my favorite because I feel it often or I like it. It's become my favorite—especially as a an adolescent therapist—because I can do something with that emotion. Anger tells me something about my client. Anger is a motivator. Anger usually brings about some kind of drive, passion, action, etc.

When I am working with clients who are depressed, sad, lethargic, etc. it is hard to motivate them. It is difficult to get to the root of the problem and it is hard to help them to make needed changes in their lives.

Don't get me wrong anger, because it is a secondary emotion, covers up the actual emotions you are feeling or trying to express. However, bring on the anger because then we can talk about the real underlying emotion. Bring on the anger because then maybe you actually cry or punch something or deal with your emotions. Bring on the anger because then you begin to be honest and get into a healthy emotional place.

I'd rather be angry any day over feeling reject, depressed, or forgotten

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