Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Room Whisperer

My roommate Alycesun Marie Clare is seriously wicked awesome and talented. She has a gift for design and she is a room whisperer. She has organized and decorated my room twice and both times I have absolutely LOVED it! 

My room was in a serious need of change both from an organizational point of view and from a Feng Shui/Chi feel. So the other night my roommates helped me take everything out of my room and start from scratch. Alycesun helped to open up a lot of space in my room (we got rid of my dresser) and make it so that it had a lot more space for positive chi flow. I love it! Check out some of the details:

I told her she could move anything and put up anything but I had to have my cork board.
 She added the records b/c I love music and this is my Creative Wall.
Alycesun actually made the "Make it Happen" sign for me.
 It is currently my life motto. This is my Affirmation Wall or the wall that helps remind me to simplify, relax, love, and enjoy life! 
I had never been a big pillow girl before but Alycesun convinced me that I would love having lots of pillow on my bed and she was most definitely right. My bed is now the center and focal point of my room. Don't worry there will be more pillows in the future. I am looking for the perfect lime green pillow.
This is my Travel Wall.  Alycesun actually made the 4 Italy framed pictures.
 I love this black & white picture often called "The Kiss."
The bottom photo is by Brad Burnham.
This is my workspace area and as such is the most cluttered. This is my Pear Wall. Alycesun did such a great job of incorporating the lime green color all throughout my room. She was able to recycle a lot of the things I already had up on my walls. The plaque above my computer says Harmony and check out how big my bamboo plant is growing.
I can't even begin to tell you the trouble that this little white bookshelf caused all of us. I think we moved it a gazillion times. I couldn't part with it though because my emeritus best friend gave it to me and it means a lot to me. Besides that I have a lot of books and they need a home. Check out my awesome purple globe—thanks Miranda!

Do you want an appointment with the Room Whisperer?

Now that you have seen some of her handy work let me tell you how she can bring magic into your life. Alycesun can breathe new life into any room. Does your office space need some re-organizing? Does your bedroom need a face-lift? Do you just need to breathe new life into your house? Alycesun does things on a budget and you will love what she can do. Let me know if you are interested?

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