Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I feel like everytime I've had to make some kind of drastic move (moving when I was little from Utah to Oregon or moving from OR my senior year of hs back to UT, my mission to San Diego, and most recently from P-town- Boston) I leave a piece of my heart behind with the people that I grow to love dearly...

I also feel like everytime I've had the make some kind of drastic move in my life the Lord always has these angels (in the form of friends) waiting for me to arrive.

Amy is one of those angels. Ames, I miss you already (is that possible since I just saw you a few hours ago??) I guess it is sort of true that letting go of someone is a stark reality of how much you just want to hold onto them...and it's not like she's leaving forever or anything...SHE WILL BE BACK!

For those of you who don't know Amy, first of all I'm sorry, and secondly neener neener because I really don't want to share her with any one else. Amy is beautiful, but that's the obvious that you see when you meet her, she holds a romantic, bookish, Eliza from "Legacy", pioneerish mystery about her....no, wait she's not like that at all. She is full of life, love excitement and adventure, she's smartie pants-working on her phD-loves the Lord-amazing. She's stalwart, stands in Holy Places, lifts and empowers all around her, and she is dang funny! Amy is a beacon in Boston and wherever she is, for that matter. She is a peculiar person among peculiar people. She has a great listening ear and an even better ability to give advice. And so as not to go on and on, she is my friend (the best part) and I love her so much.

Ames please enjoy AZ, but know that you are missed, loved, and that there is one girls named Kylee, one particular boy (who will remaing anonymous), and a whole lot of others that will be hightly anticipating your homecoming. Come back to us soon my love.... adieu

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