Tuesday, May 23, 2006



As I wait for the train I hear a cello fill the air with music
and looking around I can't imagine why anyone wants to drive
As soon as the sun comes out-so do all the people
And Boston Common seems to come alive

When anticipating a first kiss Boston holds a million magical places
but I realized that on my street in the rain was the best of all
And who wants to just stare out at the Beautiful Boston Harbor
When you can jump in and rescue shoes after a fall

Taking a moment to look around at all the musical instruments accrued
the room fills with delicious harmonies and I'm satisfied
Walking down the busy streets of downtown looking for somewhere to eat
I'm amazed at the things there are to do that I've never actually tried

This place gives us reasons to feel we can change-to become who we want to be
and in doing so others get the chance to see us in a new light
so we go to our jobs, our classes our work and we anticipate our next adventure
Knowing the time we spend together brings us new vision and sight

And I can't help but think that I actually live here
A place so full of beauty, history, intelligence, love, and devotion
A place where I've met people I couldn't ever have imagined
Who have empowered me with such great emotion

So to Boston, I love you and I never even new
How much power You'd have over me
But in just a short time that I've been in your midst
You've changed me incredibly

--Kylee Shields 05/23/06--

I think that I've told a gazillion people how much I love Boston...something to the affect of I'm having a love affair with Boston. So i decided to jot down some of the resons why I love it so much!

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jasmine said...

So have I told you lately how amazing you are? and how much I love your stinkin guts! If not, then let me tell you now. YOU ARE AMAZING and I LOVE YOUR STINKIN GUTS. I am also tempted to list the reasons why, however I think that this post is good enough.