Thursday, May 25, 2006

Museums and Moonlight

It was one crazy-busy-non-stop-full of laughter-fun and don't forget the sweat-day!

It all started at 7:30 in the morning at the Thorndike men's house (please whatever you do do( yes I just said do-do) not call them boyz, where we ate a delicious breakfast. Then we headed out for our first museum of the day....The Museum of Science.

I loved the Museum of Science. I asked a ton of questions (It's not my fault that my parents didn't give me smart math/science genes). I got to examine and hold a sheep's lungs (fill them up with air) and was really cool. We were able to see baby chicks peck out of their shells and become all fluffy right before our eyes. We got to see a lighting presentation that was very loud and I almost ran out, but I didn't (mostly because some guy was standing behind me :).

Next we headed out different direction for grub. A bunch of us went to Boca Grande and had these amazing which I had a difficult time eating mine and ended up making quite a mess (this was followed by much laughter from the peanut gallery).

Off to the next museum...Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. This place was beautiful and the courtyard in the middle of the mansion house/ museum was my favorite part. I think that about this time everyone was exhausted and ready to go find somewhere to sit and rest a back to the Thorndike Palace.

By this time the night was young and there was still much moonlight to be found so we headed out of town toward the moon and those famous Finnish Saunas! Everyone was very excited to sauna...which is kinda weird if you think about it because you actually just sweat all over the place. However, it was the greatest thing ever. This place was like some secret tucked away girls camp esk lodging sort of thing. The saunas were divided into seperate sides for women and men. Most everyone was in swimsuits, but there were a few who dared to go Finnish style inside the saunas! Once you hit your melting point-then you ran out of the sauna and into the freezing lake outside. As the night progressed I swear the temperature in the lake dropped dramatically. Some people just stopped going into the lake...but we convinced a few for one last dip in the lake with a line of "Red Rover Red Rover send Marie right over" and somehow also got Luke coaxed in. Amy was a trooper as she hates cold water most of all...thanks Ames!

After all were suffiently tired...I more than most...we decided to rest and retire. All in all one superb day and night of joy and fun for all!

I can't await for many more adventures to come!

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