Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I am amazed at how infectious one little word can be.

So I started saying "Happy" (there is a hands gesture that goes with this and if you've known me for the last year you know this gesture...shoulders shrugged, palms up, and hands about chin level)when one of roommates (who shall remain anonymous...you know who you are) started to date two divine boys. I adored both of them (still do, in fact) so I decided I wasn't going to root for either one of them. Each time she came home from a date I would gesture to her the "happy" sign with a question look in my eye...waiting for her cute response of covering her mouth with both her hands and giggling- oh how I loved that look (quite the heart picture).

Somehow the "happy" started spilling over into different meanings in my life...It sometimes was a question, sometimes a statement, sometimes an idea, sometimes a greeting, and other times a declaration. One thing I do know is that wherever I was it was contagious!

I started noticing that people around me started to say "hap-py" (there's a special way to say this...sort of like you are 5 years old and you know everyone thinks you're adorable.)

So this blog is to all my "happy" converts! I hope you never stop saying HAPPY!


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Kris said...

oh yes. This blog makes me haaa-ppy.

And just so you know, he still makes me cover my mouth because my smile is so big at the thought of him. !! Love you happy girl.

My great grandma had a dog named happy, you may want to consider it. Wait, are you allergic to dogs? Then maybe you'll have to name a kid "happy." Hey, its just a suggestion.


I love it. I can picture it.