Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My Disconnects

To: Malcolm Byrd

Dear Lord, Please heal my disconnects
Those things that block Thy light
Help me to hook myself to Thee
Please guide my wandering sight

Thy Word is my salvation true
Though life is filled with sorrow
I find my strength upon my knees
With Thee I'll conquer tomorrow

When friends and loved ones fail
I'll remember Calvary
And with Thy death and renewed life
My heart's complete in Thee

I am continuously amazed at truth, where it can be found, and how it seems to resonate upon our souls. I was able to go hear a dear friend of mine, Malcolm J. Byrd preach at his church (Methodist Episcopal) on Sunday. It was a honor to sit and listen to him preach the word of God. His stirring words move my soul and in tribute to him and my Lord I decided to write the above poem.

I long for more discussion on this topic of disconnects and how to "hook" our hearts to God. I am indebted to Him for all the love I feel and am continuously surrounded by. God is great! God is Good!

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jasmine said...

What a blessing it was to listen to Malcolm speak on Sunday. I love the concept of disconnects...I too have my own...One day it will all become clear and I will figure it out. Until then I am blessed with people in my life such as you Malcolm, and many many more.