Friday, May 05, 2006

Moments of Clarity!

It happened again today...I took a walking lunch and walked down Summer St. in downtown Boston and I stopped amid lots of people walking all over the place. I looked up at the tall buildings and the thought came....I live in Boston! I know that this is nothing new to any of you who read this but I still get chills thinking that my life is a (to quote hansome photographer) "Bloody dream!"

Later on in the day my boss took his laptop outside to do work so I decided to follow suit. I sat on a park bench and soaked in the sun. I read a ton of resumes and coverletters for an available position at my job that I'm doing interviews for. It was hot, but the sun felt extremely great on my skin...

I called my dad and chatted with him, I really can't get enough of that great man, I wrote emails to my sisters, and all I have to do is jump on the T to hang out with my sister and her hubby. Man, does it get any better than this?

Yeah, it does. I can't believe how many opportunities I get to talk about God, Christ, the Book of Mormon, the Atonement and how much joy it brings into my life. I even got a phone call from my friend, Malcolm Byrd, out in Harlem today. He was calling about the new LDS chapel in his neighborhood. He was all excited about it. truly amazing!

Is it possible to love a place this much?

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Kris said...

hey girl, I think you're amazing and I'd get chills too if I could look around me and see boston.
Were glad you're having fun, but missing you here back in Utah.
Love you!