Monday, May 15, 2006

Lemons and Water

Recently I was asked the question: What is your favorite smell?

Think about for a minute you may have never been asked that question before...I, however knew my answer instantaneously. Lemon Trees! I discoverd the magical smell of lemon trees while serving my mission in San Diego, CA. I'm addicted to the smell!

So having that background information that certain someone who ask me the above question just happen to show up at my house a few days later with a bunch of lemmons plucked from a California Lemon Tree. I was ecstatic to say the least (I still have them and smell them all the time when I'm at home). A great gesture of love!

A few days later I was at an amazing friend of mine's house and this friend gave me a Lemon Propel (note: if you read earlier in my blog I am a HUGE fan of Lemon Propel). Such a simple-yet profound gesture of love!

I am amazed at how much power, love, and kindness are manifest in such simple acts of love. It doesn't take much for you to show someone how much they mean to you.


Kris said...

yeah! lemons are great, one step closer to limes.

Kyles said...

Hands down if I was going to eat one or the other or even drink the juice of one or the other LIMES win by far! Thus the truth that I am still smelling my lemons and not eating them. Yeah for Limes!