Sunday, January 14, 2007

All Things Marie

I thought I would seize the opportunity to write about Kristi Marie Thompson whilst she is off cruising somewhere and taking in an Ancient America Book of Mormon Tour. This way she won't be too embarrassed or blush too much, everyone who knows her will have read this and moved on by the time she actually gets back and reads it herself, and she will know I missed her!

[warning: In this post I am going to go on and on about Marie and do so gladly].

I had been in Boston 2 weeks already and I was sleeping on my sister and brother in law's couch in their shoe box apt. I didn't know anyone except Amy Easton (I knew from EFY) and she happen to call to invite me to eat some Sushi with friends. I love Sushi and I was up for meeting new people so I braved the T and headed to Porter Square. The Sushi wasn't that great, we waited forever to be served, and I don't recall who was there eating with Amy and I except for 2 girls. One of the girls was Abby Bushman and the other was Marie Thompson. I remember Abby because she mentioned having a room available and I just happen to be looking for a room to rent (we would later find out we share a first cousin). I remember Marie because from the moment I met her there was this feeling inside me that I needed to be wherever she was. Come to find out she was living in the house where Abby's room was for rent and in one dinner I gained a room, in a beautiful house, and a friend for life!

I am not kidding when I tell you how profound of an affect Marie had on me. I went home and told my sister and brother in law that I had to get Abby's room. It was more than I wanted to pay, but it was where I needed to be. That was one of the best decisions I've made since moving to Boston.

Just so you all know...that feeling has never left me. I am still amazed at the majesty of Marie. I love her artwork, I love her obsession with Unicorns, I love that she went out and bought a couch cover and floor mats. I love that she rearranged our entire house one day on a whim and that she brought home 3 Beta fish. I love that she shares food with me, shares a "magic" closet with me, and most importantly shares her vision of life with me. I love that she loves to write, that she's independent, and confident. I love that she's got more creativity in her little pinky finger than I possess in my entire body. I love her falafels! I love it when she sits down to play the guitar and if I'm lucky I get to sing along. I love it when she tells me how in love she is. I could go on and on...There are a few people in your life that once you know them you can't imagine how you were ever really whole without them. For me, K. Marie Thompson is one of those people!

I remember one day in particular when Marie was very sad...something about guy (if you only knew how many precious tears were shed over you stupid boys). I closed the closet door we'd been talking through, I knelt down at my bed, and I cried and poured my heart out to the Lord for her. There is something serene that happens when you truly love someone else. You stop worrying if the sun is shining on you, you stop dwelling on your problems, and suddenly you catch a glimpse of how much you love them and the difference they've made in your life. In that moment all you want is for them to be happy, for them to somehow catch a glimmer or a glimpse of what you see when you look at them. That day all I wanted her to know was that she was more than enough. So a few days later I wrote her a song called, "Enough". The chorus went something like this:
For I am strong enough
I am wise enough
I am just enough
I am kind enough
I am bold enough
I struggle just enough
I am enough

The feeling I had sitting down at the piano to write this song for Marie was a lot like the feeling I had sitting down to write this blog entry tonight, awe!

There is no particular reason why I wanted to write about Marie tonight. I was sitting on the couch (with the new cover) enjoying my clean house and thinking about how blessed and grateful I am. Marie came to mind...thus this blog.

So to my Marie, I love you so much. I have loved all our late night chats, the never sleeping, the piling onto my bed, the Slurpee runs, the music nights, the adventures, the rock climbing, the road trips, music writing, the museums, the DIY projects, and so many more memories to be made!

PS Preston, earlier in this blog I almost called Marie my best friend in Boston, but I think that you have earned that title. You are truly her best friend and she yours. Thank you for making her smile, for loving her, for recognizing the many facets that make up her, and for putting up with all of us in the process!


Colleen said...

I love this post. You are such an amazing friend, Kylee.

SO good to see you last night! You're so cute!!!!

Tang Tang said...

Kylee, you are amazing...thanks so much for friending me. You are ginger ale at dinner and the salt in my clay. Love you tons!