Saturday, January 20, 2007

Past Pets

This is the famous Emerson I have told many of you about. He was my favoritest pet ever! I miss Emerson greatly. No worries...K. Marie Thompson gave me a fake quishy tarantula to remember Emerson. Thanks!

I never named this colorful fella. He's a Leopard Gecko. Soon after I got him I noticed his R leg had problems. Come to find out he had some kind of disease that eventually (about a year after I got him, killed him). I mostly just called him "Buddy".


Steph said...

the picture of your lizard staring at the camera just about gave me a heart attack. i'm serious. i hate reptiles!

Colleen said...


i once watched a boyfriend's gecko and i killed the cactus in the terarium (however that's spelled) from over-watering.