Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy New Year...Happy Birthday!

New year's and my birthday was amazing at Times Square in NYC. I met Andrew, Mike, and two of Andrew's friends, Rachelle (in the picture) and her sister, in NYC. I had just flown home from UT on saturday. So I unpack, repacked a few things, slept for a few hours, and then got on a 4 hour bus to NYC. Then once I got to Times Square (12:00) I waited for 12 hours to watch this miniscule ball drop. The ball left much to be desired but being with Andrew and Michael was amazing! We got to hear Tony Braxton, The Jersey Boys, Rascal Flatts, Christina Aguilera, POD, and many more performer live. We actually got to hear them a few times because they had practices and then the performances. All in all it was a great day/night!

Best Friends! I was really happy to be with Michael for New Years and my BirthdaydThey gave out all this free stuff. Mike and 'Dru went up front to catch these bags filled with: a hat, a scarf, pom-poms, and glasses. Later they handed out long balloons with streamer on them. It was a fun, crazy night!

Just a little taste of what the ground looked like...yuck!

Spending New Years with the two amazing guys was worth every minute of waiting, cop acousting, crazy girl complaining, trash infested ground, crazy girl's frozen feet, being the scum too many times, and so much more.

Happy 2007!

Mike and I just chillin. The weather was actually pretty nice for the time of year. Just before this picture was taken we had all been herded like cattle into this certain area to be shoved into this other area. I guess they were telling people that they couldn't get into the "waiting area" (where you waited to see the ball drop--the place we had already waited 4 hours to get to) if they had bags that weren't see through or back packs. Well I had a back pack with a few thing in it because I was going to spend the night in CT. So as Mike and Andrew got through the cops I was whisked away....literally. I was grabbed by one cop and shoved out of the line and into a few other cops. Then I was thrown around quite a bit and down this chute of cops and baracades etc. It made me really nervous because the cops were really hassling me. Then all of a sudden they were inside and I was out. Micheal called me and we were able to give him my backpack...he was already through the check...and then I was easily able to get back in line and go through. Let's just say that I am very glad that I ended up being able to stay! Thanks for saving me Mike!

Andrew, me, and Michael getting excited for the "real" countdown. We had counted down New Years for lots of other place around the world. I did a special shout out for Scott Sackett, serving an LDS Mission, when we did the count down for England's New Year.

This is how we passed the time for 12 hours. We played a gazillion games of "scum". 'Dru and I had a blast!


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If you are looking at these pictures of me and wondering why I am not wearing any make are not alone. Why not? I flew in from Ut to RI on Sat Dec. 30 and only one of my bags arrive with me. I took off really early on Sunday morning for NY. No make-up. oh well. I kinda like going a naturel.