Wednesday, January 31, 2007

One Year Anniversary!!

~January 31, 2007~
Happy Birthday
Blog! 300th Post!

It's been one year since I started this blog....300 posts ago. I can't believe how much I love my life in Boston. A few days ago I hit the anniversary of my one year mark in Boston. Looking back on this past year I am amazed at how much the Lord has blessed me! I have accomplished so much, I have been blessed so much, I have so many amazing friends, and I live in Boston!

Now that I'm finished with AmeriCorps (& my current job will be ending next week) I can look forward to my new job and Grad School. I am excited for things to come and I'm grateful for this past year. For my growth, for the things I've learned, for the people I've loved, for the life I've lived.

I have lived the questions, I have laughed out loud, I've sung to my heart's content, I have spoken my mind, I have held my peace, I've kissed in the rain, I've cried alone in the dark, I've been patriotic, I've been counted my blessings, I've endured great pain, I've felt much joy. I've written many poems, a few songs, and lots of my feelings. I've been to different places, I've been home, many of my friends have gotten married, many have had children, and many have died. I have chosen faith over fear, I'm making things happen and I'm letting things go.

I will go to Italy, I am determined to do the Lord's will, and I will be happy doing whatever it is I'm doing. I will laugh, I will love, and I will make sure everyone around me knows I love life. I will do all this and more... here's to one more fantastic year!

Below are some random pictures of fun I've had with my friends lately, enjoy!

Abby, Kylee (yes that is her name), & Kylee on the T. These beautiful ladies (also Sterling & Andrew) came to check out Boston for the weekend. We had a blast together. It was a little trippy to have Kylee around (she felt the same way) since neither of us is used to having someone around with the same name.

You all know Julie & Marie are beautiful, smart, and witty, but did you know they are amazing musicians also? Now you know--no excuses!

Julie is so entertaining she has us laughing, singing, and mostly just adoring her!

The CT kids were warmly welcomed to Boston with a stop at Julie's--that quickly turned into a party! Thanks Ju-Ju for making every night a party.

This was all of us putting on our party faces at the beginning of Ju's Party! Do we convince you that we are having oh so much fun?

Hallelujah for Julie & Jared and their amazing musical abilities!

This party was hosted by the Ju-Ju Bee as an all things celebratory occasion. Julie still has a job, Kylee got a new job, Marie is engaged....etc. It was so much fun. Many others have already blogged this wonderful occasion. Some highlight's include: dance party, awkwardest moments, talking about gross foods we love to eat, a run way walk off, indulgence in food and You Tube, and so much more. I love the peeps in this picture!

Impromptu Engagement Party! This is Sunday and the day before I picked up Preston & Marie at the Airport from their Book of Mormon Cruise. They announced their new engagement (the proof was on the finger) and there were lots of hugs and exclamations of joy.

Later that night ( I might say that I was already in bed) I heard more exclamations of joy...thinking that it was just Marie & P-town announcing their engagement I didn't go down at first...but the rejoicing just kept going on and on and on. So I dragged myself downstairs and was blinded by the bling bling!

My other roommate, Cheryl, had come home engaged to her long time boyfriend William. More rounds of hugs and shouts of exclamations. So now if ever marriage was in the air...

Colleen, Marie, Preston, Natalie (my new roommate), and Jared just chillin' in the kitchen.

Man, I love my life!


Ju Ju Bee said...

great post ky! happy bbday!! we've had so much fun... it's good that someone actually documents it. and i love that all of the pictures were events that took place in less than a week!!! boston rocks! ok, enough exclamation marks!!.

Nat Attack said...

Congrats on the one year mark lady! May there be many many more posts to come and even many many more fun times to come. Hip hip.

Colleen said...


Michael Sackett said...

Kylee you inspire me.

Michael Sackett said...

Kylee you inspire me. Keep doing it. :)

g-cubed said...

we did have a lot of fun didn't we? glad you and the CT friends were there to play!