Wednesday, July 05, 2006

"...And the rockets red glare..."

7:30 am --Wake up

I woke up very excited in anticipation for a wonderful day. I had no idea how great this 4th of July in 2006 at Boston Massachussettes would be.

9:00 am --Official Ceremony

City Hall Plaza, Master of CermonyLieutenant Colonel GeraldT. Wellman US Army
--National Anthem sung by Ernest Triplett.
--Pledge of Allegiance by Rear Admiral Mark W. Kenny,Commander,
Submarine Group Two, Commander Navy Region Northeast.
--Welcome Remarks, by Mayor Menino
--"Stars and Stripes Forever"by Zarba/Shea Military Band

9:20 am --Parade from City Hall Plaza to Tremont Street

--Follow Parade to the Old Granary Burial Ground

9:30 am --Halt for Honors-

Wreaths placed by Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company on the graves of Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Robert TreatPaine and Peter Faneuil.

9:35 am --Taps. Salvos by Wilmington Minutemen.

--Parade goes to the Old State House

9:40 am --Reading of the Declaration of Independence

9:45 am --Realization

At this point we were standing behind these two good looking couples with three children, a stroller, lots of love...and I couldn't help but think that they had to "Mormon". Then I remembered where I was and thought that the chances were very small that they were. It started to bug me though. So I started to coyly look for signs (you know what I'm talking about). I thought that I saw a foriegn CTR ring on one of the guys fingers. I decided to just ask them as were leaving...sure enough, they were members. I knew it! There is just something about members and that whole glow thing etc. I also couldn't help but think while I was watching them and listening to the Declaration of Independence being read that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was dependent on this country gaining its independence. I am amazed at how the Lord has a plan for everything. I found myself feeling very patriotic and grateful for being an American!

10:30 am --Patriotic Exercises at Faneuil Hall

11:30 am --End of Official Ceremony

12:00 pm --Lunch Time

--Wander around Quincy Market
--Take a nice nap/ discussion under a tree on the Pier overlooking the Charles River

Katherine Chipman I were able to have an incredible conversation about "Mormon" culture. I am curious to hear what some of you have to say about "Mormon" culture? These comments can be good or bad.

3:00 pm --Get lost looking for Cameron Wheeler's House

4:00 pmish --Arrive at Cameron's BBQ

--K. Marie and climb out on the fire escape and enjoy the view
--K. Marie and I decided to go eat up on the roof (fantastic idea)

5:00 pm --Take a very long leisurely walk to my office

6:00 pm --Fall fast asleep on the couch in my office (I was completely drained)

8:00 pm --Get woken up by Seth's phone calling me and asking me where I am

9:00 pmish

--Find K. Marie & Seth to watch fireworks with them
--Have such a good time eating munchies, talking, and enjoying the music
--Thinking that this must be the longest most amazing day ever!

10:30 pmish -- Boston Pops Firework Spectacular

K. Marie, Seth, and I were just sitting there loving the music, dancing a little, singing along and waiting patiently for the fireworks to start. I don't think that any of us could've even begun to imagine how magically spectacular the fire in the sky was about to become. Man, the fireworks were eye tantilizing, eye candy, and truly the most amazing fireworks display that I have ever seen. I looked over at K. Marie and Seth at different points and their jaws were dropped with their mouths open just as wide as mine. The sky was on fire! There were fireworks that looked like popcorn, green tadpoles, square-like dice, and weeping willows. It just seemed to go on forever. I really am still in shock at how amazing it all was. The music was also great-some lighthearted summer songs, with the classic patriotic pieces. The Boston Pops are truly amazing!

11:30 pmish --Walk to Harvard

As we were walking I think we started to realize just how much walking we had actually done. We had walked all over downtown, walked down Commonwealth, and then walked to Harvard from Kendall Square area. I think I can speak for all of us that we didn't mind the walking. It was such a good day and spectacular night that no one had it in them to complain. This day is certainly one that will be remembered!



ju ju bee said...

I love it! It would have been great to split myself in two so that I could have been here with you and also in D.C. Maybe I'll try that next year.


amber nicole said...

kylee love, who knew you had a blog? i´m obsessed with blogs. . . and i love hearing about your life in boston. i feel like i can share from afar :)

love ya girl!

Tang Tang said...

Come on!! Was this not the GREATEST fourth of July EVER? Can I get a witness on that?
Thanks for the chronicle, dear. It's nice to realize I was with you for 90% of it!! Mua.



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