Monday, July 24, 2006

Questions Unanswered

I saw a young man about your age
or at least the age you would be now
and he looked miserable and lonely and my heart ached
and I looked away
and then I saw a young married couple and
they were so in love and I was happy for them
The young husband protective of his beautiful wife
I thought of you and who you would be today but I couldn't focus
my head got all fuzzy filled with questions unanswered
questions I can't seem to make go away
no matter how many years go by
then I watched as the lost young man slithered off the T
and the young married couple floated and disappeared into the crowd
and a part of me let go of both
for you are neither of them

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Derock3000 said...

Hey, I think Ive seen you on are you? I dont really know how to do anything on this except for post text, so I guess I can add you as a friend or something? Your profile is really neat, I posted a new talk you might like too...
Talk with you later
Hey, Didnt you know Alycesun? I remember, I talked with you a few times on linkup cuz you knew her and she was in my ward, man, that was months ago! lol, anyway, hope all is well