Friday, July 14, 2006

The Office

What the fly on the wall hears in my office:

"You can never have too many post-it notes"

"When we have an "open door policy" does that mean that my door has to actually be open?"

"Sorry I can't hear you my music is too loud"

"I'm going to my outside office"

"I don't know why I have an intern when I can barely figure out what I'm suppose to do"

"Yes, you have to ask people for money if you become the fundraising and development Coordinator"

"So if we are a staff of 2, and that is me and you, then what is the differnce between our staff meeting and all our other meetings?"

"no, we are not a baseball club"

"So are you the volunteer coordinator or a volunteer that coordinates?" " Yes"

1 comment:

amber nicole said...

ha. that´s really funny. especially the last one. as a fellow blogger, i´m pretty obsessed with checking blogs, and i´m loving that i just discovered yours and marie´s!