Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Independence Eve

When you celebrate Independence Day in the "Cradle of Liberty" there just isn't enought time to fit all the festivities in one day. So Boston has an entire week (Boston Harborfest June 28th-July 4th) of fun.

I caught up with the excitement of Harborfest on Friday June 30th with Karlee (co-worker). It was her last day of work so we decided to go live it up at Goverment Center/City Hall Plaza. While we were there I got a free bone density test. the girl in front of me wa 16 yrs. old and had a read out of -1.4 (this is very bad). She got this pep talk and sent on her way. This made me a little nervous (I haven't been drinking milk very much lately). Come to find out I am way above average-when it comes to my bones. I received a read out of 2.4. The highest of the day (at that time). That might explain why no broken bones.

While we were taking in the bustle of the city we got free smoothies, ice cream, lunch, and all the Coke, Pepsi, and Crystal Light that we could drink. It was a beautiful day and such a joy to be out of the office for a little bit


K. Marie and I decided that we wanted to go to the Boston Pops pre-concert. We met up with Scott Christopherson and lots of others while there. Also Yancy and Jared joined us after touring the city. Again it was a beautiful day and our seats were okay. We hunkered in and waited to hear from Steven Tyler, Ayla (local American Idol star), Rockapella, and host Dr. Phil (uugh). The pre-concert was great.

...oh, funny story. So they stopped letting people into the Hatch Shell area of the Esplanade but a lot of our friends (that we had space for) hadn't yet arrived. So we did what anyone else would do (and did do) we found creative ways to sneak our friends into the area. oooh look how bad we "Mormons" are.

While I was over at the hot dog stand there was this little cute blonde-haired-blue-eyed girl crying. I remember that I had two American flags sticking out of my hair and quickly whipped out one and handed it to the girl. She immediately stopped crying. It is amazing to me what a little kindness can do and the power that flag has on people!

The night was very fun. We got to sing along, dance the night away, wave our flags, eat hot dogs, drink Lemonade, and much more. We scaled fences to tell the sound guys how great they are and we stood on chairs to send our love out (by screaming in unison) to Keith Lockhart. I think Steven Tyler was a little confused because he turned to us and waved...and then Keith did. It was awesome!


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