Sunday, July 30, 2006


I love kids! This weekend I got to meet Princess Cinderella and her big brother who sings pirates songs, waves a light saber, and had his 5th birthday. They were just what I needed-a breath of fresh air. Kids are great and you can learn a lot from them if you give them a chance. Here are a few of the things that little Anikin Skywalker and Princess Cindrella taught me:
  • If you are patient I will love you because I trust you
  • When I'm hurt, if you will pick me up, cradle me in your arms, and let me cry for just moment-then you are my new friend because you saw me weak and still love me
  • Singing is a good thing almost any time of day
  • Play games with me, not so much to play the game, more I just want to know you are paying attention to me (This lesson learned with the kids kept hiding in the exact same spot while playing hide-n-go-seek, just so we would find them and tickle them)
  • Tell me my shoes look pretty (even though they are on the wrong feet and 5 sized too big)
  • when you want me to understand you come down to my level, speak softly and look into my eyes.
  • I understand better when things are simple
  • A little love goes a long way
  • If you give me positive encouragment then I am more willing to try things I'm not so good at and succeed
  • if you make eating interesting then I might actually eat
  • every little girl (and big girl for that matter) is a princess
I am continuosly amazed at how easy it is to love the wee ones. I will miss my princess and Anikin greatly, but they put a smile on my heart and brought laughter to my lips and for that I am greatful!

With lots of love, Princess Snow White


~T~ said...

Thank you so much for your kindness and patience with the ankle bitters. I apreciate your willingness to go out of your way to make them happy. Thanks again for serving my family and making them feel welcome. Your the bomb!

Lauren said...

Kyles, it's a light SABER not saver :)

Kyles said...

Thanks Lo, I stand corrected...I thought it sounded funny!