Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I have arrived in Ghana safe and sound! After flying to Salt Lake City, staying the night and then flying to New York I was on my way to Ghana!

My sister Chelsea and her husband Mike were there to greet me when I exited the airport. I was lucky all my bags arrived. When I say all my bags I mean my one carry on bag with all my clothes, shoes, etc for my entire trip, my backpack, and e HUGE bags full of goodies for the Strayers (my sis and her hubby) and the Ghanaians!
After meeting up with them we had a long journey home. We headed to the Circle, where we could take a tro tro to Kumasi. While we waited for the tro tro to fill I ate some local food. I ate a boiled egg with some sort of spices and I had some amazing fresh pineapple.

First we took a tro tro (sort of like a mini van) from Accra (the city I flew into) to another main city called Kumasi. I guess because it was Sunday it was pretty much a ghost town and that made the transportation faster and run a bit more smoothly I should mention that I had a great seat on the tro tro. I got to sit up front next to the window. So although it was around a 5 hour drive in the sweltering heat-it turned out okay!

Once in Kumasi we stopped for lunch before our next tro tro ride. We ate at a place called Chopsticks. Mike ordered fried rice and chicken and Chelsea order Spring rolls, chicken and fries. We all shared some meat kebobs: goat, beef, and chicken. I like the goat the best but after seeing so many cute little goats on the sides of the road I did feel a little guilty. We ate our food outside and enjoyed our Cokes and then we headed to the nest tro tro station.

Once we got to the tro tro station we found a tro tro going to Wiamose and loaded in. The thing you have to understand about the tro tros is that they don’t leave until they are full so you could wait a long time or just a few minutes. We waited for a while and then headed home. Once we got to Wiamose we loaded in a taxi for the next little bit and then arrived at the Strayer’s flat.

I met the neighbors, moved in to my cozy room, we unloaded the bags I brought (I felt a bit like Santa) and my sister and her husband were really excited about the goodies I had delivered, and then I headed to bed exhausted.

So far Ghana is amazing and I look forward to many more African Adventures!

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