Monday, December 29, 2008

Ashanti Deaf School

Here I am with the Headmaster, Samuel, and he gave me a wonderful tour of the school. Unfortunately the school is on Winter break for the Holidays and so there were no students. I signed a bit with Samuel but he spoke great English so we didn't sing much.

There are about 50 teachers for the 450 deaf students and all the teacher, of course, know ASL. There is a strict English or ASL policy at the school so there was no problem talking or signing with everyone I met on the campus (though I was very sad that there weren't any students). The facilities are great and it seems that the structure of the school is also going well.

Samuel told me the biggest problem for the deaf students is once they finish school and even vocational training there aren't many places for them to work because of the language barrier so they either have to work for themselves or live with their parents etc.

I really enjoyed talking with Samuel and getting to know how the Deaf school system works here in Ghana. I wish I could do more for the school but it was just bad timing as they don't start again until the day before I leave to go home.

Here is a pictures of the grounds.

This is the sign I saw on my way to the Mampong Babies Home!


Marcus Lane said...

glad you got some pics on here, it looks amazing! also, can you add Mike as an author to the 'give to ghana blog'? thanks!

we will miss all of you guys at the shields xmas party tonight!

Annjilla (Fernandez) Baillio said...

I bet you absolutley loved it there!!!

Ali B. said...

Is it just me or do you have corn rows in that first picture?!?