Monday, December 29, 2008

More Pictures

Here I am with Kofi, the Headmaster at Okomfo Anokye Secondary School, where Chelsea & Mike live and teach. I brought the school some medicine that they were in need of and he was very happy to accept them.

Here are some of the Asamang Branch members with their new white shirts & ties. I was able to bring some stuff for the branch from my ward back in Arizona. The Branch was very happy. It was amazing that the day we had planned to deliver the goods it seemed that everyone from the branch came and more. See people came into town to vote for their next President and so there were too many people and not enough stuff. Everyone seemed to be okay though and we told them that we would send more later!

These are a few of my new friends Celestina & her husband Emmanuel. They invited all of us to dinner the other day and prepared Banku. This is a Ghanaian meal that is ground up corn meal that is cooked in a certain way. We ate it with fish and some pepe. It was good but like other Ghanaian food a little goes a long way and I am full just about when I begin.

Here is the Banku

mike, David, Emmanuel, Hilda, and Chelsea. These are 3 of the 4 children that Esther and Samuel (works at the Salvation Army Clinic) have.

Here I am with the ladies that cook for the students at the school. They were making kenkey, beans, and some soup stuff. It was fun to see them cooking away and they were all so happy to be cooking all day! I could learn a lot from them!

Here is the path from our house to the school. It also leads out to the main road to the center of the village. If you go to the far right there is a foot path that we take to cut across and get on the red dirt road when we are going to "town."

Here is comfort, she helps at the Babies Home, and I Boxing Day.

Here are some of my new Christmas items! Wahoo!

It was great to be back at the Babies Home and helping out for Christmas!

Here are the children in my branch. They are holding up little handouts that my roommate Jodi had left over and donated to me to bring to the kids. The handouts had colorful ribbons on them and I let the kids pick the ribbons they wanted. Every kid got one and they were so excited! Thanks jodi!

Football (soccer) is really big here in Ghana. My branch here has a football team but they have been lacking jerseys. Thanks to my cousin they now have a team's worth of jersey's and they are very happy about them!

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