Monday, December 22, 2008

In the Spirit of Christmas

Even though there are no Christmas trees, Christmas carols, or shopping malls for thousands of miles I can feel Christmas in the air. It has been fun getting gifts for Chelsea, Mike, and my friend Precious. I am so happy that I acted early and got all my Christmas cards and gifts done early, before I left for Ghana, so I could just relax and enjoy this very unique Christmas in Ghana. This year it is not about the tinsel, or toys, or Santa. It is really about being with people you love, trying to keep up family traditions, and giving.

My sister is really amazing and she is making sure that we keep our family Christmas traditions alive as best as we can. So we will have a movie night, crazy dinner, open Christmas gifts on Christmas morning, and have a great Christmas dinner. She is even going to make Cinnamon rolls!

I just keep thinking over and over again how grateful I am for all the little things I take for granted in America. I am thankful for running water, for my beautiful car, for paved roads, for stores that stay open at all hours and have anything you need at a moments notice. For electricity that is constant and predictable, for air conditioning, and so much more. I also can’t help but think of how much Ghana has to offer me. Wiamoase and the surrounding Villages are truly amazing. They are eye candy, the people are so kind, and there is always something new to learn.

And of course I am grateful for Christ-the reason for this wonderful season! The people in Ghana are God loving people. It is everywhere you look. It is written on most of the taxi’s on the buildings, and I have been invited numerous times to church. They understand, more than many, the goodness of God!

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Marcus Lane said...

yes, chels is amazing! have a fun christmas!