Friday, April 17, 2009


To go along with my last post I wonder what you would call someone that helps make another person's dreams/goal come to fruition.  A dream enabler??  A goal enabler?  Or just an Enabler??

As you all know I recently adopted a piano, a life long dream and goal. This was accomplished through a friend--he saw need (desire) & a way to fulfill it. He then made it happen. He enabled (with a few other key players) me to accomplish a goal and life dream!

I want to be more like that. I want to be an enabler to people in my life. I want them to not only know but to feel like I champion their goals and dream. That I'm a not just a cheerleader to their success but that I'm here to help them accomplish their dreams/goals.

I want to be a better enabler!

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Chantalita said...

Kylee, I loved your thoughts here.

(1) When I went back to Boston this year it seemed sadder, people seemed less connected and happy. I actually did think that it was probably because some connectors left.

(2) I felt the same way when I started graduate school. I used to reach out...but suddenly I barely had enough time to get all my reading done, let alone reach out. Life felt lonelier, and people around me didn't glow as much. I missed it, but I also grew to understand what it takes to have energy to give and organize, and love.

(3) I thought a lot about this very same point after reading this book:

The author talked a lot about helping people reach their goals and the importance of contributing. (Even though my review has some criticim, I really loved the book.)

(4) I love your blog.