Friday, April 17, 2009

Family Friday: Kati

Kaitlin Shields

My sister Kaitlin & I share something in common in our family. I'm the oldest of the kids but she is the "oldest" of the 2nd half of our family. Kaitlin is adventures, fun, loving, talented, and loyal. It was so good to be able to hang out with her recently as she checked SDSU-the college she is going to next in the Fall. I love me some Kati-bugs!

  • Kaitlin has a hear of gold
  • She is one good sister
  • She is an amazing and loyal friend
  • I love Kaitlin & Alexa's friendship!
  • Kati is one good dancer!
  • Kaitlin has a bit of a rebellious side (I love it!)
  • She is educated, wants to be politically involved, and is a smarty pants
  • She is so fun to be around and keeps me laughing
  • I left home a long time ago but from what I can tell she has done an excellent job of being the "oldest" kid in the house.
  • Kaitlin is kind and crazy and that makes a great mix
I'm so excited that Kaitlin is going to SDSU and that it's only 6 hours away from me. That means many more road trips to San Diego to see her and get to know her better! I love ya Kates and I wish you the best with the end of your senior year. You have a lot of adventure, excitement, heart ache, stress, and lots of joy headed your way in the future. I can't wait to watch it happen!

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