Friday, April 03, 2009

Family Friday: Kevin

Kevin Raymond Tvetan

As you can see from the picture above Kevin puts up with a lot being the newest member of the family. He takes it and keeps coming back for more so we decided to keep him around. All joking aside my family is so blessed to have another amazing man to add to this family or females.  

I admit that I  have a lot more to learn about Kevin being as we have not lived in the same state ever, I rarely get to see or talk to him, and he's still the newbie in the fam. However there are few things I do know about him:
  • He loves my sister (and that is enough for me)!
  • He likes to golf (sorry you married into a golfless family)
  • He is great at fixing things (and my family takes plenty advantage of those skills)
  • He is really smart and spend the better half of his life these days studying for his Biology major and wants to go to Pharmacy School in the near future
  • He loves kids and is great with them--especially in his calling in the nursery
  • He loves to talk to dad about the truck
  • He works hard for his money
  • Kevin is a joy to be around and he had been a tender mercy in my life many times
Kevin I'm so glad you are a part of our family! I love watching you learn and grow and can't wait for you to make your goals and dreams come true. 


M and N said...

i like the pic with EVERYONE in the polyog van....classic!

Dani said...

haha so funny!